Littlehyland - Secretly owns dmfandomsecrets? (Article #6)

You all know dmfandomsecrets, aka the blog that posts the confessions other people in the fandom send in about us. But did you know that the owner of the blog that’s done nothing but ruin this fandom, may or may not be the fandom’s own littlehyland? Unexpected right?? Lets take a look at the evidence, and hopefully we can convince you of the truth!

We all know what dmfandonsecrets confessions look like. The first thing that had people laughing at first was

this confession about joshhyland (Photo credits to

(See the arm?) And then we noticed a trend of the “stretching” of ALL the confession images. (They obviously stretch it so they can fit more words on the picture), but……

We follow littlehyland on twitter and just last night we saw her header! She changed it since then (reasons unknown) but we recreated it. It looked something like this:

See the stretching! And who else has a header thats stretched? No one but littlehyland! Who else stretches their pictures? Dmfandomsecrets! Dont deny it gurl!


Another clue is that dmfandomsecrets said that she “talks the same as she does on her personal, as she does on dmfandomsecrets”.

Dmfandomsecrets doesn’t get sassy or rude. They stay calm and refrain from putting people on blast!! Guess who else does exactly that! Littlehyland.

I guess you could say, she tried to stay “anonymous”. But the evidence it too obvious!!!


If you need more detail, which I’m sure you don’t (this evidence is too clear for it to not be enough) message us and request a PART 2!!!!!


That’s it for this article! Send in some more articles you want us to get THE SCOOP on!! Peace!!!!

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